copyright 2015, Lakeland Industries Inc. site designed and maintained by Mansfield Media The OZARK Boat Lift® is available in various models from Personal Watercraft to 34 foot, 15,000 pound Cruisers. Keeping your boat free of algae build-up, oils, foul weather hazards such as high winds and contact with the dock, will help maximize your boats performance and longevity. The OZARK Boat Lift® will store your boat easily above the waters surface and maintains it in a secure position until your next use. Because of our Lift’s unique design, the boats weight is carried almost entirely by the lift. The dock carries only a tongue weight, much like a trailer, therefore very little stress is placed on the dock. With its adjustable mounting brackets, the OZARK Boat Lift® will fit into just about any size or shape floating dock. The OZARK Boat Lift® is virtually maintenance free, made of structural steel and having only one moving part insures years of trouble-free service. You simply drive your boat onto the lift, much like driving onto your boat trailer. The lift will self-center and stabilize your boat (no need to tie-off all four corners). Exit the boat and switch on the blower motor to raise the boat up. It’s that easy!!! You can now have the piece-of-mind knowing your investment is high and dry, protected from dock contact, oils and algae growth. OZARK Boat Lift® Click here for Lift Models and Specifications. Adjusts to most any hull configuration Virtually Maintenance free  Keeps your boat free of algae build-up,          oils, foul weather hazards, and contact          with the dock.  Dry, safe, secure storage Reasons To Own An OZARK Boat Lift® Serving Central & Southern States Please Call Brian Azlin at the Number Listed Below for Pricing Info (NO DOCK PRICING WILL BE GIVEN VIA EMAIL) Interested in Becoming a Dealer of The OZARK Boat Lift®? Please submit the form provided to recieve an OZARK Boat Lift®  Dealer Packet.